Super Marionoid


Mario comes to Arkanoid world


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What would happen if we mix two great worlds like Mario and Arkanoid? We get Super Marionoid, a good game which places our favorite Italian plumber in an Arkanoid style world build with Super Mario items.

Yes, the first time you play it, you'll be amazed. Mario has a platform in its hands and the ball is a flower. Your goal is to collect all the coins and destroy all the bricks on screen by using the flower-ball.

Move Mario with the arrow keys and try to pass all levels, collect all coins and destroy all enemies, Koopa will free the princess and the Mushroom Kingdom's peoples.

You'll find 7 Worlds (28 Levels), 6 Power-up and 5 enemies. Remember Arkanoid times with Super Marionoid and enjoy both two worlds together.
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